Familiy with General D at 家庭日


Join us for the B Section 家庭日 on Saturday, November 4. 

Faculty member speaking to family

DISCOVER 正规的赌博app

This is your opportunity to get all your questions answered and see what Kettering is all about. Open to high school students in grades 9 – 12, transfer students and their families.


The Engineer Who is Saving the World

雪莉·希科克,20岁, CEO of Climate Impact Partners (CIP) in London, is working on projects designed to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere by billions of tonnes.




The newest edition of the Kettering Magazine showcases a thrilling new era – Introducing the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree, pioneering interdisciplinary opportunities, 先进的实验室, 还有更多.


Familiy with General D at 家庭日
Faculty member speaking to family

设计你的未来. 设计你的成功. 

正规的赌博app's groundbreaking concept of an education where practice meets theory in equal measure began more than 100 years ago as a night school for engineers, 经理, designers and technicians in the rapidly-evolving automobile industry. Today Kettering is a world renowned STEM-focused institution where students show drive and determination in solving real-world problems.



Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, our degree programs ensure you are armed with the education to master your career.

The future of transportation is focused on mobility technologies.


Because 正规的赌博app has automotive in its DNA, it's no surprise our students and graduates are defining the future of autonomous vehicles, electrification and connectivity.



正规的赌博app's 合作社 program is unlike any in the country, giving students income and more than two years of hands-on experience in the workplace before graduation.

Kettering students community service clean up


俱乐部 and organizations that connect our community are all part of the Kettering experience. Whether it's engineering ways to help local residents, 电子竞技, 航空航天, academic and professional societies, robotics or even rock climbing - you'll find something to inspire you.

Kettering 学术项目 Are Top Ranked



正规的赌博app consistently ranks among the top universities in the  U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道. 2022年, they named Kettering as one of the schools with the Best Engineering and Computer Science programs, the Best for 退伍军人 and the Best in Midwest. In 2021, 普林斯顿评论 listed Kettering among the top 50 universities for our Entrepreneurship program. 和 大学报》 called Kettering the #1 in Automotive School and the #2 Hidden Gem in Tech 学校.